Alternate Dispute Resolution

Most people want to reach an agreement which can resolve their issues without the stress and expense of a trial. There are many alternative dispute resolution options available to you:


It is always best if both parties can reach a mutual agreement about family matters – property, support, alimony, custody, and shared time with children. We can act as a neutral mediator to help both parties negotiate an agreement. Mediation is a confidential process that can alleviate the need for litigation, expensive legal fees, stress, and anxiety.

Settlement Facilitation

Settlement Facilitation is like mediation in many ways, but more “directive”. The facilitator is a neutral Lawyer who provides an independent perspective that often assists both parties reach a beneficial resolution. The facilitator is a neutral, impartial, experienced person. Usually an attorney, who listens to both parties and provides his or her own assessment. The facilitator will help parties evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, look at ways to settle the case, and may suggest a possible settlement solution neither party has considered.

Co-Parenting Coordination

Co-parenting coordination is a therapeutic family resolution process where parents receive help in solving their co-parenting issues. A Co-parenting Coordinator helps parents focus on their child’s needs and work out co-parenting issues together. The Coordinator may give recommendations, help limit the conflict between the parents, teach new skills, and prepare both parents to work together in raising their child/children.