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When a marriage is dissolved, it does not mean that the responsibility of support between the spouses is terminated. Typically, the state of New Mexico will recognize this mutual responsibility for support and may grant alimony or spousal support payments to one of the spouses. Alimony and spousal support are designed to help both spouses, at least temporarily, to maintain as closely as possible the lifestyles that they had prior to the divorce.

At the law firm of Stephen P. Eaton, Attorney at Law, we provide assistance and representation to clients in family law matters, including alimony and spousal support. It is important to work with a lawyer to help you protect your financial interests during and after a divorce and to ensure that your rights are protected in the legal process. We will help you examine and present your financial situation in order to make the settlement or court ordered arrangement more favorable to your present circumstances.

If you are concerned about alimony and spousal support and how they could affect your lifestyle in the future, contact us and speak with an experienced attorney.

Decisions on the Length and Amount of Alimony

In New Mexico, judges consider several factors where making determinations about the length and amount of spousal support. These factors include:

  • Age, health and means of support for each spouse
  • Current and future earnings and earning capacity of each spouse
  • Good faith efforts of each spouse to maintain employment or become self-supporting
  • Reasonable needs of each spouse, including standard of living and medical needs
  • Duration of the marriage
  • Amount of property awarded to each spouse
  • Type and nature of the assets and liabilities held be each spouse

Typically, for marriages that have existed for less than 5 years, no alimony will be awarded. Marriages in length of 5 to 10 years will receive small amounts of alimony, 10 to 20 years will receive greater amounts and after 20 years of marriage, permanent alimony may be awarded. However, these guidelines do not determine whether alimony will be awarded in your case. The court will consider the unique circumstances of both parties before deciding whether to award alimony. Stephen Eaton’s years of experience can help you evaluate your unique circumstance and determine what you might expect to happen in your case.

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