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Is mediation better than going to court in a high-asset divorce?

At Eaton Family Law, we like to refer to the process as collaborative divorce. Any case handled through the courts becomes a matter of public record, so high-net-worth couples wanting to keep their divorce proceedings private should use collaborative processes for finalizing their divorce agreement. If you are looking for the family lawyers New Mexico residents rely on, look no further than Eaton Family Law.

What is a high-asset divorce?

A high-asset divorce, or a high-net-worth divorce, involves significant and high-value assets such as cash and investment funds. Other assets can include things like closely-held business interests, stock options, deferred compensation, trust funds, real estate partnerships, and real estate holdings. If you are involved in a high asset divorce, Eaton Family Law can help you. Contact us today for more information.

How much does it cost to retain an attorney for a high-asset divorce?

Hurrying the process of a high-asset divorce means you can end up losing assets that rightfully belong to you, including individually inherited assets. Our most important concern is ensuring you get all of the assets you deserve. For Eaton Family Law, high asset divorce is our expertise.

Are there any special impacts I should know about with a high-asset divorce?

The valuation of your marital assets may attract an excessive amount of taxation because of the type and basis of those assets. Eaton Family Law will help you understand how and when to tweak your strategy as the tax codes change, helping to avoid paying more tax. For those going through a complicated divorce, Eaton Family Law can assist you.

If I inherited assets during my marriage, will that be divided in the divorce?

Typically, any property earned during the marriage is classified as marital property and will be subject to equal ownership by both parties. However, if any one of the spouses inherits any assets during the marriage, it will be considered separate property, and may not be divisible in the divorce. For those looking for family lawyers you can depend on, contact Eaton Family Law today.

How is a business divided in a high-asset divorce?

When a married couple owns a business together, dividing the assets and debts of that business may be difficult. Considerations include whether one partner should buy out the other partner or if the business should be liquidated and the remaining assets divided. If you are going through a complicated divorce and are looking for family lawyers you can trust, contact Eaton Family Law today.

We signed a prenuptial agreement. Do I need a divorce attorney?

Even with a prenuptial agreement, you will need high-net-worth divorce attorneys to represent you in a divorce. There are numerous factors that may impact the agreement including contesting the prenup, a spouse claiming they signed it under duress, fraudulent statements, or withheld information in the agreement, all of which will invalidate it. If you’re looking for the family lawyers New Mexico residents rely on, contact Eaton Family Law for more information on how our team can help you.

We have children that will be impacted by this divorce. What do I need to be aware of?

In addition to arranging child custody and visitation schedules, we will also factor in child support and lifestyle maintenance such as costs for hobbies and sports, school fees, college tuition, medical costs, and trusts. If you are looking to contact family lawyers you can depend on, Eaton Family Law is there for you. Contact us today!

What if my spouse is trying to hide assets during our divorce?

The consequences of hiding assets can be severe and can include jail time. Even unintentionally “hiding” an asset can have significant ramifications in the equitable distribution of assets, and leave you with less than you deserve, so we ensure a fair accounting and division of all applicable assets. If you are searching for a complicated divorce lawyer, contact Eaton Family Law today.

What high-net-worth assets aren’t considered in a divorce?

High-net-worth assets that are not usually considered are:
– A business that may be operated as a passive investment or Trademarks, patents, and copyrights, otherwise known as intellectual property.
– In some cases, investment opportunities that have not yet come to fruition.
If you are struggling to figure out if your high-net-worth assets are going to be considered in your divorce or not, we’ve got you covered. Eaton Familly Law employs the family lawyers New Mexico residents depend on. Contact us today.