Collaborative Divorce

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Going to court to resolve issues in a divorce can be difficult, time-consuming and costly. The court process be harmful for children who may be present for a bitter battle between their parents. It is a public process, so your friends and neighbors can have access to your private life. If you own a business your competitors may get to know more about your business practices than you would like. But most of all, the decisions made in the divorce process will be life long and life changing. Many people don’t want a Judge who doesn’t know them making those decisions. Going to court results in winners and losers. Often both parties lose when the rest of their lives are decided by a stranger.

Collaborative divorce is an out-of-court process that offers parties the power to determine their own outcome. It allows private matters to stay private. A collaborative divorce starts with a commitment by both parties to reach a resolution that makes sense for all involved, parents and children.

In a collaborative divorce, you can take control of decisions about child support, child custody, alimony, property division and other issues that are under dispute. These issues are resolved through private negotiations between you, your partner, your respective attorneys. Neutral experts are employed to help with the financial, emotional, and child issues. The attorneys and the neutral experts help the parties identify issues, determine interests and develop humane resolutions.

At the law firm of Stephen P. Eaton, Attorney at Law, we can help you through the process of collaborative divorce and can assist you in making important decisions about your family and your future. In many situations, we advise our clients to use the collaborative process to resolve their disputes in order to save time, money and well-being. Our firm is experienced at collaborative divorce and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation. We will also assist couples through uncontested divorce.

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Steps in the Collaborative Divorce Process

Understanding the collaborative law divorce process is important and your attorney can help guide you through the process in an efficient and effective manner. The steps in the collaborative divorce process include:

  • Evaluating your options in divorce with a lawyer who understands all aspects of divorce, including collaborative law and mediation
  • Creating a plan for the process that outlines what will occur from start to finish
  • Negotiation of disputes, including issues over custody, support, property division and more
  • Drafting an agreement that both parties have agreed to and that is beneficial to all family members, including children
  • Managing divorce agreements as time passes and life changes take place

The collaborative divorce process requires honesty from both spouses and a willingness to cooperate on all issues. At our firm, we can help you chose a process and craft an agreement that meets the specific needs of you and your family.

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