Military Divorce

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Every divorce comes with basic concerns including alimony, property division and child custody. However, all of these issues involve greater complexities when one or both of the spouses are involved in the military. If you or your spouse is on active duty at Kirtland Air Force Base (AFB) or any other military installment in New Mexico, it is important that you seek out an experienced divorce attorney.

At the law firm of Stephen P. Eaton, Attorney at Law, we have more than 20 years of experience representing men and women in military family legal matters. From working with enlisted personnel in the Army National Guard to the Air Force and the Marine Corp, we have the experience required to effectively handle your military divorce.

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Property Division Concerns in Military Divorces

Servicemembers have a great number of government-provided and other related military benefits, including military pensions, retirement benefits and medical benefits. How these benefits are divided depends upon a number of circumstances such as the length of the marriage. We can comprehensively analyze your assets and debts to help you understand what you could expect to see in your property settlement agreement.

Military Divorce and Child Custody

Child custody matters for active duty servicemembers can be difficult to handle, especially for those who are out on deployment. We understand how important your fathers’ rights or mothers’ rights are to you, and we also know how important it is that your child’s best interests are always kept at the forefront. We will stand up for your rights and ensure that your child custody and visitation agreement properly reflects your needs and those of your child.

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